Teach with Portals for an Education Game

Teach with Portals for an Education Game


Looking for a game-based learning solution that uses games that people have actually played? Then check out what digital distribution giant, Valve, is doing with their Portal game series. Portal and its sequel, Portal 2, are now being used in an initiative called Teach with Portals. The game is a first-person shooter but by all means is no Call of Duty. Players are armed with a portal gun shoots two things: an entrance and an exit. Essentially, this allows to the player to enter and exit anywhere they please depending on where they fire. Portal really boils down into a fun exercise in physics and spatial reasoning. The best part is that teachers and students are able to create their own levels to fit any lesson plan and share it in the Teach with Portals site. Currently, the site offers lessons in physics, math, and language arts.

To see a demonstration of how Valve is approaching Teach With Portals, watch the short video below:

via Mindshift


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