Scorecards – The Uses Are Deathly Limitless

Scorecards – The Uses Are Deathly Limitless


It’s pretty amazing to see where scorecards have been used. Since scorecards are used to keep track of score and to motivate, they’re seen in many different scenarios. The most common use of a scorecard is probably in sports, which we see everyday. During a trip to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, I saw a scorecard with badges that was probably one of the top motivational tools for the US Navy in World War II. This scorecard (pictured above) was used to keep track of how many aircraft and ships were destroyed by the USS Intrepid during WWII. Each aircraft shot down by an aircraft from the USS Intrepid received a badge (red object on the left side of the scorecard) and each ship destroyed was labeled in the first column of ships (second column was for ships “Probably Sunk” and the third & forth columns “Damaged”). Quite a use of a scorecard & badges.


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