Voting for the 2013 GAwards Have Begun!

Voting for the 2013 GAwards Have Begun!


As the only conference to recognize excellence in gamification, GSummit SF 2013 has officially opened the 2013 GAwards for voting on the latest and greatest in engagement practices. The GAwards are meant to recognize outstanding achievements in engagement (from 2012) using loyalty, behavioral science and gamification. Through crowdsourced nominations and voting, you will decide who will be in the competition! Voting will be open for the following categories:

The top voted entry in each category will earn one vote in the judged awards and the winners will be announced at GSummit SF 2013 this April 16-18 in San Francisco.(Please note that some were found to be cheating throughout the last GAwards. Any illegal votes found will cause all votes for that contestant to be removed)

As we see the gamification space grow year after year, there are so many more people, companies, and organizations using these techniques that it becomes difficult to recognize the best players in the space. The awards will serve a way for the general public to recognize some of the best uses of engagement practices so that others may follow its path to effective engagement in the future.


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