Top Talks for HR Gamification at GSummit 2013 SF

Top Talks for HR Gamification at GSummit 2013 SF


Top Sessions for HR Gamification

Using gamification in HR to engage with employees is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern enterprise, especially when it comes to training – see Deloitte’s Leadership Academy, for example. The speakers at GSummit 2013 recognize the power of games in this context and there’s a strong number of sessions devoted to this topic.

Check out my top sessions for HR gamification that you’ll want to make sure you see this year.





1. Elise Olding, Research Director at Gartner:
The Quest for Employee Engagement – “Engagification” of the Enterprise

Elise’s work as an analyst and the research director at Gartner has led to a number of significant findings about harnessing employee intrinsic motivation in order to achieve company goals. Gamification critics are always asking to see some data regarding how effective gamification can be. You can be sure to find this information at Elise’s talk.

You can expect to learn:
  • To understand how use gamification to shift from competition to collaboration to fully engage employees
  • How to approach re-designing work to focus on engaging employees
  • Real-world examples and results


2. Phaedra Boinodiris, Serious Games Program Manager & Chuck Hamilton, Social and Smart Play Learning Leader at IBM:
Using Games to Do Stuff: The IBM Way

 As if IBM hasn’t already impressed us enough with research about gamification withdrawal, these two individuals fully understand the ability for games to improve business process management through deep analytics. Anybody overly concerned that games are a waste of time and are not meant for the workspace should attend this event to learn the meaning of “serious games” and how those same games can increase performance.

You can expert to learn:
  • To solve problems collaboratively
  • Improve Business processes
  • Achieve predictive and real time modeling
  • Increase Return on Investment


3. Ryan Mizusaki, General Manager of Reservations Field Support & Learning at Delta Air Lines:
Ready, Set, Jet! – The Social Travel Game

If you find the traditional training model completely outdated and shudder at thought of the word of “E-Learning” then Ryan’s session about training and sales will be one not to miss. You’ll get to hear about Ready, Set, Jet, a travel game for front line reservation representatives; focusing on job knowledge, customer service and selling skill. Ryan’s session will allow you take his experiences and apply it to your own employee game.

You can expect to learn:

  • How to develop the right game for your learner.
  • How to build an engaging learning experience.
  • How to build excitement around your game.


If you have any curiosity in how gamification can affect human resources, then these are just three of the dozens of can’t miss sessions at GSummit 2013. You can find the full list of HR Gamification related talks at GSummit’s HR Sessions Page.


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