Gamified Cat Sharing Site Catmoji Gets 21K Shares in 1 Month

Gamified Cat Sharing Site Catmoji Gets 21K Shares in 1 Month


the unstoppable combination of cats, gamification, and internet: Catmoji

The only thing more engaging than effective gamification is the incredible power of cat pictures on the internet. Combine that with, well gamification, and you get over 21,000 cat photos and videos shared in a single month by the new gamified cat-media platform, Catmoji.

Born out of Startup Chile, Catmoji is a platform dedicated to users who want to purruse through vast quantities of cat pictures and videos. Users are able to follow their favorite cats and share the feline media on Facebook. Given the rampant success of existing cat-fanatic websites like Lolcats and Reddit’s cat subreddit, Catmoji’s is planning on setting itself apart from these players through their Emoji emoticon reaction system. All submitted content must be accompanied with an emoticon tag to express the owner’s emotions toward their beloved furiends and viewers can react similarly.

Users can eventually earn badges as achievements and catokens for using the site, although the developers have not yet stated what these catokens will be redeemable fur. The other gamified element in place is the use of catavatars, in which users are able to select from a number of cats to be their avatar. Special custom avatars will be created for the star-users of the community, so as to incentivize actions through status within the Catmoji Community (See SAPS).

Catmoji is comprised of a small two person team and manages to be the most attractive looking cat-sharing medium out there right now.The developers have stated plans to produce a mobile app soon, despite their mobile-responsive design, and plan on monetizing the Catmoji service through cat-related advertisements.

Unfortunately, the service is currently in an invite-only beta but you can request an invite to join the service.

So what do you think? Is Catmoji purfect or will it be another catastrophe?

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