Industrial Strength: Badgeville Showed Triple-Digit Growth in 2012

Industrial Strength: Badgeville Showed Triple-Digit Growth in 2012


Badgeville’s Growth Shows the Power of Gamification

Yesterday, Badgeville announced that 2012 marked the company’s second consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth. They also reported on some of their new partnerships, which include Deloitte, Oracle, Rogers, Samsung, Bell Media, Citrix, Autodesk, Panera Bread, EMC, Marketo, CA Technologies, NBC, Universal Music, Barnes & Noble, Danone, A&N Media and Microsoft. How’s that for a list of prominent companies using gamification?

Badgeville also attributed their success to growth in three specific areas of the gamification market:

1. Customer-Facing Gamification in B2C and B2B
“Badgeville helped hundreds of Chief Marketing Officers improve key metrics 20 to 300 percent across their acquisition, engagement, social sharing, commerce and revenue, loyalty and churn reduction goals. From B2C programs such as Samsung, Bell Media and sneakpeeq, to B2B programs like CA Technologies, Marketo and EMC, Badgeville provided real business results for the world’s leading marketers.”

2. Employee-Facing (B2E) Gamification Programs
“Badgeville helped hundreds of “line of business,” as well as CIOs and CTOs, drive employee productivity, performance and compliance, as well as business process optimization across hundreds of enterprise applications and systems. In 2012, Badgeville was integrated within CRM, LMS, HCM, Social, Collaboration, CMS, ERP, Help Desk and other enterprise applications. For example, one of the five largest companies in the world deployed Badgeville to improve utilization of critical social, document management and collaboration functionality inside their Microsoft Sharepoint environment.”

3. The Global Gamification Ecosystem
“The largest companies in the world, as well as the service and technology providers that serve them, have taken notice of the business impacts gamification drives. With Badgeville, some of the largest SI and advisory firms in the industry, like Capgemini and Deloitte, have implemented powerful gamification technology and digital business transformation practices. Innovative agencies such as Perficient and EuroRSCG are bringing Badgeville-powered gamification solutions to their clients as a mission-critical part of customer and employee-facing engagement and loyalty going forward. Some of the leading technology companies in the world including Oracle, Callidus and Saba have deployed Badgeville technology to drive differentiation and value in their core go-to-market software offerings.”

Badgeville’s strong success and growth across all parameters is indicative of the momentum gamification continues to build. While there are some naysayers following gamification in its hype cycle, gamification successes are relient on effective implementation and good design.

Badgeville is certainly doing something right.

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