Prominent Gamifiers: Amy Baskin and the Grammar Olympics

Prominent Gamifiers: Amy Baskin and the Grammar Olympics


Amy Baskin Wins Gold with the Grammar Olympics

Last year, we featured Tim Vandenberg and his story about using Monopoly to completely reinvent how his students can learn math. This year at GSummit SF 2013, we will be having a similar succes story from one Professor of English at Florida State College at Jacksonville who created something called the Grammar Olympics.

Amy Baskin is today’s prominent gamifier because she repackaged and repurposed the concept of teaching remedial english into something engaging for remedial english students. Her low-tech, cheap, and effective method turns grammar into a sort of carnival that invites struggling learners to play, socialize, take risks, seek support, and explore course content while having fun.

Come see Amy’s education session to learn how to accomplish real results in a learning environment with scarce resources. Amy’s session not only proves that gamified education works but that strong gamification design is capable of achieving nearly anything.


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