Memecube’s Success as the the World’s First Real-Time Gamified Twitter App for...

Memecube’s Success as the the World’s First Real-Time Gamified Twitter App for Events at GSummit 2013


Memecube 2.0 a big hit at GSummit SF 2013!

This past GSummit 2013 in San Francisco conference was again powered by the world’s first real-time gamified twitter app for events, Memecube. Running on its second iteration, Memecube 2.0 allowed all the attendees at GSummit to engage with the best speakers and ideas coming out of every session in a contained Twitter environment. 40% of all GSummit attendees engaged with the application, creating 4775 tweets with the hashtag #gsummit and an additional 4135 check-ins to food truck vendors and sponsored presentation booths.

“We were really surprised that people would tweet more than 20 times in average,” said Justin Schier, the Chief Creative Officer of Dopamine and creator of Memecube.

“With the Memecube application, we were able to create enough buzz with the hashtag #GSummit to make it one of the top trending topics for the day, which is really impressive considering we only had around 600 participants,” stated Schier. According to a Sysomos social media analysis on the GSummit hashtag, the phrase garnered 12.7 million impressions and 8,337 mentions of the hashtag by 822 users in 3 days.”

These statistics (available as an infographic) demonstrate a level of engagement and conversation that has never been seen before in events. Social media activity is typically ablazed at conference with a seemingly endless stream of event-related hashtags but there is no effective way of monitoring these ideas without being glued to a Twitter client with 5 infinite streaming columns of data, let alone identifying what the best tweets and ideas were and then discussing them. You simply get lost in the noise.

Individual Speaker Sessions Contained

Memecube’s session-specific design contains users’ tweets relative to the talks they’re currently watching and ranks the best ideas within each of those sections. Not only does this quickly offer quick access to the tweets attendees find most valuable, it actually organizes this information for the entire event and for each individual talk. Furthermore, the contained tweets for each talk offer a very strong source of feedback for the speakers about the talk, giving them an average rating, positive acclaim, and even criticism.

It is a given that people will always have something to say about the talk they’re watching, so why not offer a tool that contains all the great information people are sharing and bring out the best memes of the event with fun game elements? The secret sauce of Memecube and its ability to promote GSummit’s best ideas was the prizes it offered to the top users.

This year’s GSummit offered secret sessions with Gabe Zichermann, a signed copy of The Gamification Revolution and even a gamified toothbrush. Last year, secret sessions also included a card-counting lesson by Jeff Ma of Bringing Down the House fame and a championship Monopoly lesson on a customized probability board by GSummit speaker, teacher, and 2nd place US Monopoly champion, Tim Vandenberg. These prizes are what really drives the engagement factor up among the attendees but something critical for this idea to note is:

If you didn’t want to participate in Memecube, you never had to. All attendees could simply use Memecube as an interactive schedule for the event and never had to tweet a single time to do so.

The positive reception coming from Memecube users has made it clear that there is a market-need for an exciting Twitter client for events and it’s now ready to be harnessed for anyone wishing to engage with their attendee audience.

The GSummit Schedule

Schier adds:

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from many attendees and Fortune 500 Companies at GSummit and now it is ready for market. With this newest iteration of Memecube 2.0, we believe our real-time gamified twitter app for events is ready to be used for any conference or event that wants to contain and optimize the Twitter conversations that are happening around them. All of Memecube’s features are customizable and can be turned on or off based on the needs of the event. Additionally, Memecube could even be used independently from Twitter to truly keep important and sensitive information only available to a select few.

Memecube generated 4775 tweets with only 250 engaged users over 2 days. Consider what is possible for events that have 1000, or even 5000 attendees using Memecube in tandem and competing for big prizes at these large events? We’re excited at what will be possible with Memecube and we hope to bring these engagement levels to many more conferences and events in the future”

Memecube was handcrafted by Dopamine Labs, the creative gamification agency who also built the world’s first gamified social reading application ReadSocial App. Check out the Dopamine website at for more information about their applications and services.

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