Badgeville Rumored to Make Big Organizational Changes Since New CEO

Badgeville Rumored to Make Big Organizational Changes Since New CEO


Badgeville Speculated to be Making Changes to Its Sales Team

Things have been relatively quiet at Badgeville since new CEO, Ken Comée, stepped up to the plate back in April to lead the company but we recently received a tip that Badgeville is on its way to making some major organizational changes within the sales department. Comée has a strong track record in growing B2B companies, so this organizational shift is likely part of his strategy to move Badgeville forward.

We reached out to Badgeville for official comment on the changes and received the following statement:


“Like every B2B business, at the end of every quarter we reward top performers in our sales organization and upgrade the few who are not hitting their targets with better sales talent. We are adding proven enterprise sales leaders from companies like Oracle and IBM who are very excited about the opportunity for sales success in the gamification industry. We are also hiring for numerous other positions across the company to meet strong customer demand”

Evidently Badgeville’s response doesn’t deny these claims so we know something is changing within the company. What does it all mean for Badgeville and their solutions? It’s hard to say for now but it will be interesting to see how these changes take root.

Expect more news like this as the gamification industry continues to grow as a whole.