Melvin Greer on Gamification in STEM, STEAM, and the Government

Melvin Greer on Gamification in STEM, STEAM, and the Government

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Melvin Greer on Gamification in Education and Government

The Gamification Revolution is the only live gamification webcast featuring Gabe Zichermann and fellow gamification experts every week. Join us and have all of your gamification questions answered by these experts. This past week’s guest was Melvin Greer, Senior Fellow at Lockheed and Martin

Be sure to catch our next episode this Thursday, July 18 at 1PM ET/1800 GMT, where we feature Tim Chang of the Mayfield Fund (@timechange) as our next guest.

In this week’s episode, Gabe and Melvin dive deep into the developing work happening in teaching STEM and STEAM (the A is for Art) education initiatives. The audience also asks a number of great questions as it relates to learning, knowledge transference, and emerging tech in ed. Melvin also gets into the intricacies with government gamification initiatives and the challenges of their implementation.

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  1. Eu acho que as iniciativas dos governos devem fortalecer a estrutura da educação. As questões tecnológicas ampliam o campo do conhecimento, mas não apenas instrumentalizando a escola como também preparando o professor de forma contextualizada a suas realidades e a de seus alunos.