Need a Real Gamification Database? EngageDB is Our New Wiki for Gamification

Need a Real Gamification Database? EngageDB is Our New Wiki for Gamification

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Check out EngageDB for a true gamification database

Considering that the entire Gamification Co blog is all about everything and anything gamification, we’ve felt a recurring need to create a resource that will allow anyone interested in gamification to learn as much as they can in one location. While our news section is great for new gamification content, we believe that it would be best to also have a database that chronicles all the examples we’ve previously encountered in the past.

We attempted to do this with the GBase last year which proved to be a great start in what we wanted to accomplish but we figured we can do better. After two iterations of the GBase, we decided it would be best if we started from scratch and actually create a gamification database in the Wikipedia format.

Thus, in our quest to finally answer the question of “Do you have an example of gamification for *insert idea here*”, we present to you EngageDB — Gamification Co’s official gamification database.

Please read through it and explore! There are currently 252 entries listed with many more to catalogue so bear with us in the following months as we continue to update the database.

If you wish to add your own entries, please Create an Account to create your own gamification entries and to make any changes.

Feel free to leave any feedback, comments, and suggestions in the comments below!


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