Case Study: Autodesk’s Great Tutorial Game to Convert Trial Users

Case Study: Autodesk’s Great Tutorial Game to Convert Trial Users

undiscovered territory autodesk

Stephen Burke and Dawn Wolfe Shares Autodesk’s Gamification Success at GSummit SF 2013

For software company Autodesk, the 30-day software trial period offered to customers is critical. Trials are a key part of the customer’s purchase decision and account for a significant percentage of the company’s website traffic. So when the 2013 version of the Autodesk(r) 3ds Max(r) software released, the company turned to digital marketing agency Resource to create a fresh and innovative way to increase trial conversion. Known for consumer research and innovation, Resource developed an online game called “Undiscovered Territory” that took customers on an entertaining and educational journey. The result was a significant increase in trial downloads and usage and the campaign earned a Forrester B2B Groundswell Award.

In this session from GSummit SF 2013, Dan Shust, VP of ResourceLAB at Resource and Dawn Wolfe, Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing Programs at Autodesk will share insights on what made “Undiscovered Territory” such a hit and why gamification is a marketing approach they will continue to use in the future.

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