Why Gamification Should Be in Your Linkedin Profile

Why Gamification Should Be in Your Linkedin Profile


Show off those Gamification Skills

If you have knowledge on the topic of gamification, you should be letting people know. Gamification is one of the hottest topics in business–whether it’s about motivating employees, creating loyal consumers or engaging other users. Since 70% of the workforce is disengaged and there are more distractions than ever that brands have to compete with for consumer attention, people & companies are looking for solutions & advice on how to better engagement–gamification being one of those solutions. So, if you have knowledge about gamification, you should promote it…and Linkedin is a great place to flaunt your skills.


Here are some of the benefits of adding “Gamification” to to your profile:

  • Increase Sales – People search for consultants and vendors on Linkedin and in our Buyer’s Guide
  • Recruiting – More companies are searching for new hires with gamification skills
  • Speaking opportunities – Speak at conferences like GSummit
  • Advisor roles – Whether it be for a startup, nonprofit or other company
  • Networking
  • Join a rapidly growing community – One year ago, there were 7k people with “gamification” in their Linkedin profile. Today, there are over 16k (16,186).

Here’s how you can easily add gamification to your LinkedIn profile and end up in more search results:



At a current or previous job, did you work on anything that involved gamification?


Skills & Expertise

Get endorsed for your skills & Expertise. If you add “gamification” to this list, you can have other people endorse you–definitely adds some value to what it is that you do.



Did you study gamification in school? Many more students are doing their thesis on projects that cover gamification & behavior change. Add it!



Here’s an easy one that everyone reading this article can do. Add the word “gamification” to your list of Interests.


Honors & Awards

Have you received an honor or reward that is related to gamification–similar to the GAwards? Go ahead and share that with your community.



There are many gamification groups out there to join. Once you’re in, you can publicize the group on your profile and interact with others in the group. If you’re not part of Gamification.co’s group yet, join here.



Have you written anything on gamification? Maybe you have a post on our blog at gamification.co? Share it in this section.



Have you joined any groups (outside of Linkedin) or organizations that are about gamification? Maybe you’re in one of our GSummitX Gamification Meetup Groups? You can list those here.



Did you take the Coursera course online or another similar course? This is the place to mention that.


Following (People & Companies)

Why not follow the top thought leader in Gamification — GamificationCo. While you’re at it, connect with Gabe Zichermann.



Have you taken one of our certification courses yet? Level 1Level 2 or Level 3? If so, add those and show off your expertise!


This is an easy way to increase traffic to your Linkedin profile, so go ahead and get started now!


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