6 Gamified Fitness Apps For Running

6 Gamified Fitness Apps For Running


Fitness apps that will get couch potatoes up and running

Exercising is undeniable one of the best ways to keep in shape and running is arguably one of the best ways to do so. Nonetheless, the idea of running miles on end may not have a widespread appeal to everyone. So the question is, how could we change our perception on a presumably mundane task of running? With the use of gamification design and principles, fitness apps are making major breakthroughs in helping people shift their views on exercising. Here are six running apps recommended by ITWorld that would have you up and running in no time.


[iOS and Android] – This free app will hit you where it hurts – your wallet. Connecting with RunKeeper, members have to log in at least 30 minutes of workout, at a minimum pace of 2 mph, three times a week. The app keeps your PayPal details or credit card on file. If you meet your goal, you are charged nothing. If you fail, you are charged ten dollars per missed run. Here’s the real kicker though, the money is split between all members who did meet their goals. And as soon as you earn ten dollars, you can request a payment. Talk about a challenge.


[iOS and Android] – Free for basic use, and in conjunction with GymPact, this app will map all your walks, spits out fun facts, tracks all your fitness activities, and tell you your statistics. But for those who are interested in more, an upgraded service can give you a heart monitor, real time audio cues, and build-in training programs. It includes awards, goals, friends lists, and leader boards.

Zombies, Run! 2

[iOS and Android] – For a small payment of $4, you gain access to an immersive universe where the zombie apocalypse has begun. Put on your headphones, pick a playlist, and start your mission. With creepy sound effects, you are air-dropped into a zombie nightmare where you have to run to stay ahead, fulfill missions, and stay alive.  Whether you believe the zombie apocalypse is coming or not – this app will have you in shape for it when it does.


[iOS] – This $5 app contains hundreds of new routes near your location. You can sort them easily by distance and location. Discover the many paths you can run without having to run the same route over and over again. Keeping the scenery fresh and new can break the boring routine and give you new sights to see along with new challenges.


[iOS] –  Most people like to listen to music while they run but finding the right tunes to keep the pace can be hard. PaceDJ makes it a snap to find music that keeps pace as you run. The app analyzes your music library and uses an online database to determine the song’s beats per minute. You select how many beats per minute is comfortable for you, it matches songs to that beat for you to run to. The app costs $3.

Charity Miles

[iOS and Android] – You’ve got the music, you’ve got the missions, you’ve even got money riding on your workouts. Still need more motivation? this free app can give you that extra push out the door. Tracking your time and distance through GPS, it will donate 25 cents to the charity of your choice for every mile you go. Donating to such charities as Autism Speaks, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity and more, may keep you motivated to lace up those running shoes.


While the majority of people dread going out the door for a daily run, having either one of these apps can take the work out of the workouts and have you smiling as you run. What other fitness apps would you recommend to others?


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  1. Apps and other tracking devices are quite helpful in keeping track of your progress. There’s something motivating knowing that you are getting better at something.