Video Marketing, Gaming, and Fantasy Stock Markets Collide to Create Tubbett

Video Marketing, Gaming, and Fantasy Stock Markets Collide to Create Tubbett


NDRC has helped back and support the new startup Tubett. Former Rocket Internet employees Sumit Rai and Achman Srivastava created Tubett. They created Tubett as a gamification mobile app that combines video marketing, gaming and fantasy stock markets into one application.

The Market

Tubett is tapping into markets that already exist and combining them to create something new. Video viewing alone is a huge market. YouTube reports that every day, over 4 billion videos are viewed on its site around the world. YouTube estimates over 100 million individual users view videos on their site every week.

Millions of people play games every day. Games are easier to access than ever. You can play games on your computer, smart phone or through a video game console. Fantasy football teams and stock markets sites attract huge followings.

Tubett looks to tap into video viewing, gaming and fantasy stock market play by utilizing people’s existing interests and funneling them to their new mobile app.


The Mobile Application

Within the Tubett platform, players are known as “TubeTrenders.” Players are able to buy virtual stock and use it to back videos they believe are going to take off and become a virtual hit. The value of the stock is tied to the video’s popularity. The video’s popularity is measured through the number of times the video is viewed each day. Stock value will fluctuate depending on the video’s popularity each day.

Tubett has a social aspect built into it. TubeTrenders will be able to amass followings, similar to how people have followers on Twitter. Tubett will feature rankings and leader boards. Over time, Tubett hopes to develop groups and leagues users can create just for their workplace or group of friends, similar to fantasy football leagues.

In addition to seeing whose stock is the highest, Tubett will connect viewers who are interested in videos to another way to access new material. TubeTrenders will be able to see what videos their friends find interesting and view those videos. Tubett offers a new way to curate videos on the Internet.


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