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PunchTab Weighs in Gamification’s Place in the Loyalty Industry

Loyalty has always been about games and points since their inception so why has it taken so long for loyalty to embrace gamification as it is now? Scott Hughes, VP of Sales at PunchTab join our Gamification Revolution webshow to give us his input.

Watch his full interview below to get an idea of where gamification fits in with loyalty and what’s in store for the future.

Be sure to watch our next show on December 12 at 1:00 PM ET, featuring Stella Grizont of WOOPAAH!

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The Top 20 Companies with Employees That Have Gamification in Their LinkedIn Profile

Who reps gamification the hardest on LinkedIn? This is part two in our series on “Gamification” in Linkedin. See part one here:  Why Gamification Should Be in Your Linkedin Profile. Ever wonder which companies have the most employees interested in gamification? Well, the research is done and we created the Infograph below to show you. […]

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How Game Based Learning is Making Training Better

A great deal of research has been done examining how game based learning has been used with phenomenal success in the world of education to enhance students’ learning experience and now more and more research is being done on how the corporate world is utilizing game based learning to increase job satisfaction, enhance training programs, improve productivity, increase sales, and ultimately drive profits.

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Case Study: Delta’s Nonstop NYC Game That Got 190K Interactions in 6 Weeks

Few other industries have seen more challenges – and opportunities than the airline industry. The list is long: lines at the airport, higher fuel prices, razor thin margins, the recently-approved merger of American Airlines with UsAir, AMR wrestling with bankruptcy, new online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) popping up almost daily and regulatory changes, to name a few.

Delta Airlines is one of a few that has turned all of these into advantages. The company decided to separate themselves from the rest by focusing their efforts on becoming known as New York City’s hometown airline. They spent over $1 billion redesigning their terminal and they ramped up their flight offerings to and from the city. After all was said and done, the company needed a flashy, fun way to let everyone know they had arrived, and this is where BoomBox came in.

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Case Study: How Gamification Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

Experimental economics show that people are more likely to cooperate and avoid competition in the prisoner’s dilemma or public goods game if their identity is revealed as opposed to playing anonymously. If you believe you’re being watched there’s a potential gain for behaving yourself: you establish a good reputation.

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Achieving Customer Engagement with Gamification – GSummit Global Webinar

As a part of our ongoing GSummit Global event, we’ve been having webinars with our esteemed speakers about gamification and engagement! A few weeks ago we were joined by Livecube co-founder, Aaron Price, Air Canada’s Director of Loyalty, Ian di Tulio, and United Capital’s Vice President of Strategy, Gail Graham to have a panel discussion about their thoughts on designing an effective gamification system.

We also have two upcoming webinars with our speakers on November 18 at 1 PM ET and December 3 at 10 PM ET – please visit and check it out!

It’s a full-length video, so grab a snack and watch the full 1 hour discussion below:

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Boombox’s Approach on Designing Gamification Campaigns at an Agency

We first heard about digital agency Boombox when we attended Adweek’s Science of Gamification panel to hear what prominent agencies had to say on the efficacy of gamification. We decided to invite Boombox CEO John Hendricks to come back on our own show to circle back on some of his ideas and to tell us about how he approaches gamification design for his agency. This is a great episode for anyone looking to offer gamification consulting and design services at their own company.

Check out the full video below and  Be sure to catch our next episode on Thursday, November 14 at 1PM ET/1800 GMT, where we will feature Livecube Co-Founder Aaron Price as our next guest.

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BB&T is Training Leaders Through their Mobile Legacy Game

Branch Banking and Trust Corporation (or BB&T) is a North Carolina-based bank that operates in more than 1,800 financial centers across the United States. Their services include commercial and retail banking as well as insurance, investments, mortgage, corporate and consumer finance.

BB&T has recently proved to be innovative through the addition of a mobile gaming application into their employee training program, with the purpose of teaching valuable leadership skills based on the premise that Beliefs influence Behaviors, which lead to Results, which influence beliefs, and it cycles on…

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How Businesses Should Approach Their First Gamification Strategy

Gamification startups have enjoyed a steady increase in popularity and profitability in recent years. This has sparked the interest of many non-gaming oriented businesses to introduce games into their services in an effort to attract more customers. But plunging into the trend is by no means easy. So, how can businesses effectively launch their own gamification efforts?

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How Brands Are Reinventing Loyalty with Gamification

Loyalty programs are mostly buy 10-get-one-free, but they can be accomplish so much more. In recent years, the loyalty industry has embraced gamification, advancing our understanding of what works – and what doesn’t – to drive customer behavior.

Watch loyalty pioneer Mark Goldstein in this GSummit SF 2013 talk as he covers the ins and outs of gamified loyalty, with an emphasis on how to bring fun, social and scalable engagement to loyalty endeavors – and how you can apply these lessons to your organization.

Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos from GSummit SF 2013 as they’re released. You can also download a copy of this presentation by downloading it here.

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