What is the Role of Enterprise Gamification in Digital Transformation?

What is the Role of Enterprise Gamification in Digital Transformation?

maggie buggie

Maggie Buggie Explains Gamification’s Role in Digital Transformation at GSummit SF 2013

The cloud, big data, analytics, and of course, gamification all play a big role in the future of enterprise.

Businesses, today, are undertaking digital transformation to retain their competitive edge and to build their “digital advantage”. While organizations have ramped up their investments in digital tools and technologies, two-thirds of digital transformation projects fail mainly due to workforce behavioral issues New research with the MIT Centre for Digital Business indicates that 55% of companies surveyed cited company culture, particularly the challenge of encouraging employees to be receptive to changes in their jobs, to be a major barrier to realization of their digital transformation program.

Capgemin believes that the use of gamification in an enterprise context, if designed and implemented effectively can help in accelerating the digital transformation of organizations by driving employee engagement and supporting change management in these initiatives. As gamification comes out of its nascence and tools to implement enterprise gamification become more prevalent, now is the right time for firms to evaluate and consider use of gamification techniques to accelerate their digitally enabled business transformation. In this GSummit SF 2013 talk, Maggie Buggie, VP of Digital Transformation at Capgemini, explores the role of gamification in building digital advantage.

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