Eat to Win!

Eat to Win!


Is your burger famous? If not, put down that hack(ed beef) and make yourself a star!

4food, soon to be located at 40th and Madison Avenue in New York City, is all about changing the way we think about and eat fast food. Not only is their food healthier than your standard fare, but you can custom create your own dream sandwich, name it, share it with friends and earn credits for promoting it.

On the front page  of you can choose from a multitude of bread styles, patties, “slices” and “scoops” -which both have meat and veggie options- cheeses, add-ons and condiments.

After check-out you can name your amazing creation. Go pick it up, eat it and after confirming its deliciousness, you can start promoting it to your friends and community groups on You will earn a quarter of credit whenever someone orders your masterpiece-of-taste and you can watch it rise on the buildboard chart as it gets more popular. “Sell 500 burgers to be diamond, 200 to be platinum and 100 to be gold.”

The appeal of 4food is undeniable. Americans love eating, we love making choices, we love sharing, we love getting money for free, we love games and we love winning. 4food has all of that rolled into a tasty treat that is fun and easy to consume. (Om nom nom!) And of course, the ability to customize is a huge incentive in gamification. It allows users to show off and leave their unique stamp on things. 4food might want to consider adding a sense of exclusivity to its custom food. Perhaps being able to build your own burger should be a privilege that costs a bit extra than ordering one from off the buildboard. Or maybe users can spend their earned coins to buy other special features, like decorating their burger’s listing with a custom icon or special badges. There are a lot of opportunities to heighten the experience and I’m excited to see how 4food develops!


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