New Report on Gamification Commerce

New Report on Gamification Commerce


Jim Banister (CEO of Spectrum DNA), Michael Dowling and Zak Kirchner (CEO and Contributing Analyst for Interpret, respectively) have collaborated on the report “gCommerce: The Gamification of eCommerce” that was released last month  It’s purpose is to explain how the idea of the “gamer” is changing, how they shop and what it means for business.

As gaming becomes more mainstream and gamification becomes more present in business, it’s increasingly evident that gamers are no longer comprised of only the stereotypical young male “geeky” types. Gamers can be anyone that wants to feel like an achiever while adding some fun to everyday life. There are, however, some things that gamers do have in common.”Gamers are 20% more likely to be an online shopper than the average non-gamer. Gamers are opinion leaders and 50% more likely to be influencers among their friends, the report states. Gamers are now being recognized as highly-conscious consumers with a great deal of clout within their social circles, not the “loner” type that has been often assumed.

The Interpret report notes that it is important to reach these developing archetypes in the way they’ve become accustomed. It uses the phrase “Earn, Burn, and Yearn”, coined by Barry Kirk in the Maritz White Paper (August 2010), to describe the ideal consumer environment for gamers. These shoppers need to be motivated to earn points, use them up and desire items within a virtual economy that are scarce or slightly out of reach.

While it pitches SpectrumDNA’s services, the report acts as a pretty good introduction to certain concepts regarding the validity and significance of game-based marketing to retailers that are completely in the dark about it. If you are already deeply involved in Gamification, it might seem like old hat, but for those new to the market – and especially retailers – the gCommerce report would be useful reading. The report can be purchased here for $795.

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