Gamified Luxury Brands in The New York Times

Gamified Luxury Brands in The New York Times


Gabe Zichermann was recently interviewed for an article in The New York Times by Fiona MacKay. The article discusses how the wide appeal of gamification can be applied to luxury fashion brands. Some companies like Britain’s Dunhill have already taken the initiative.  Dunhill, in collaboration with the Japanese media company, Hakuhodo, created a simulated soccer league game wherein the high scorers have the ability to purchase an exclusive tie designed for  the Japanese team during last year’s World Cup.

As Gabe puts it “…Top-tier luxury consumers are not after free stuff. They want exclusive status and privileged access to the brand.” The article also references similar gamified experiences by Neiman Marcus, Marc Jacob, Jimmy Choo and the status of’s exclusive club Gilt Noir.

You can read more insights from Gabe and  “Gaming Offers a Big Jackpot, if Labels Can Figure Out How to Play” in its entirety here.


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