Gamification in Canadian Business

Gamification in Canadian Business


Gabe Zichermann was recently interviewed for an impressive piece on Canadian Business Online by Angelina Chapin. Appropriately titled “The future is a video game“, the piece goes in depth of the definition of gamification and aspects of it – like gaming mechanics, rewards and leveling – the history of loyalty programs and the evolution of non-fiction games like – Foursquare  and Ford’s hybrid “Leaf” – which Gabe says are the most powerful kind.

Ms. Chapin also references Gabe’s amazing book, Game-Based Marketing, from which much of the background for the article is drawn. She also speaks with former GSummit speakers Amy Jo Kim (game designer, CEO at Shufflebrain) and Kris Duggan (CEO, Badgeville) for their perspectives. The article ends with “Players to Watch”, which are companies with newly gamified marketing plans and apps to watch. It’s a good read and very thorough – you can read the entire piece here.


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