Case Studies of Game Mechanics in Action

Case Studies of Game Mechanics in Action


This week, our own Gabe Zichermann compiled a few of the most interesting businesses in gamification in “7 Winning Examples of Game Mechanics in Action“. From marketing to exercise to saving the planet, gamification has brought to light an amazing capability for motivating participation and educating users. The six companies and one individual have innovated around the idea of using game mechanics beyond entertainment.

In Foursquare, the player competes for badges and mayorships to create more opportunities for serendipitous meet-ups, and single handedly forging the location-based market. NextJump CEO Charlie Kim demonstrated the power of games by encouraging employees to exercise via challenges and teams. Ananth Pai, a IT expert made teacher in Minnesota, took it upon himself to make education more fun for his elementary school class. By using mobile and online games, Mr. Pai’s class was both fun and social. For the rest of some of the top case studies in gamification, check the article on Mashable.


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