Infographic: How Video Games are Changing Education

Infographic: How Video Games are Changing Education


Online Colleges Guide has a great infographic on how games are affecting education. It goes into some detail as to which games benefit which fields, such as the Civilization series giving hands on lessons in the interactions between history, geography, and politics, but I’m not sure how much Angry Birds benefits the understanding of physics and science. Overall, a great representation of games in education. I will let the picture speak for itself:

Video Games and Education
Via: Online Colleges Guide


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  1. This infographic comes off more as a sales pitch or sales collateral than a visualization of hard data. I think gamification has far more pros than cons, but this does not help its cause or explain its value.

    • Infographics do not only serve to visualize data. Like many graphics, they represent information, data or knowledge that may be better illustrated through images than represented through text. Take the information in the upper portion of the infographic. You could create a table, or write out a few paragraphs that define which games fall within each category of education, but that would not be as engaging or as easy to follow.

      The goal of an infographic is not the same as that for a graph, which I think is what you are hoping for. I agree that more hard data should be gathered on gamification, but that is not the topic of the image.

  2. I think games have persuaded enough the students brain,for example my cousins….after school they immediately tune to computers and play their favorite games and realize they only have few times left to study…plus after gaming they feel like not in to studying…