Gamification Roundup – April 30, 2012

Gamification Roundup – April 30, 2012


This week on the Gamification Roundup, we got loads of tips! When looking at gamification, it is important to keep some best practices and methods in mind. This roundup encompasses that into ways of using gamification for healthcare, sustaining gamified communities, business to business marketing, and even user experience design. In light of all these tips, Badgeville has also released a series of gamification frameworks for fast and rapid deployment so as to do all the work for you! Check out the full roundup after the jump


3 Practical Uses of Gamification for Healthcare – Perficient, April 23

Those seeking ideas on how to gamify healthcare should check this out: The perficient blog has provided three practical uses for gamification in healthcare, which include agile project management for implementing EMRs (electronic medical records), training staff on new documentation requirements for ICD-10 (classification of disease), and maintaining a high level of commitment to quality measures and patient safety. The full article goes into specifics on how to apply various mechanics from RedCritter and Badgeville to successfully implement gamification.


4 Tips for Sustaining Gamified Community Engagement – Mashable, April 25

Gamification fosters engagement but it alone may not be enough to maintain user motivation. Mashable provides some tips to sustain motivation, citing the understanding  of your community’s motivation, obtainable rewards, MVP status for users, and clearly defined rules as the most important facets for maintaining motivation.


6 Tricks for B2B Marketing – MarketingSherpa, April 25

Looking for advice on gamification on something besides consumer efforts? Mario Herger and Rajat Paharia (both who are speaking at this year’s GSummit) provide some advice on using gamification for B2B marketing. Herger describes how to drive community engagement and explains the harm of “overgaming”. Paharia goes into determining rewards for users, motivating employees, creating website engagement, and using gamification to unify the sales and CRM department.


Incorporating Gamification into User Experience Design – SmashingMagazine, April 26

This is a comprehensive article outlining how gamification can be used to improve user experience when purchasing a product. Going in depth into when to and when not to use gamification, the article explains why things such as tangible user interfaces are so fun and why an overtly gamified experience can detract from user experience.


Badgeville’s 1st Rapid Deployment Gamification Frameworks – Badgeville, April 26th

Badgeville has done it again: they have come up with six gamification frameworks designed for fast deployment of a number of gamification services. These separate packages will be able to provide a core-gamification framework, a community building framework, a consumer competition system, a customer-facing incentive system, social enterprise network, and an enterprise competition system. Will these canned frameworks truely be a universal solution? 


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