Play Diablo 3 and Win a Job Interview

Play Diablo 3 and Win a Job Interview


I’ve recently covered how Diablo 3 can teach us about gamification design but one CEO is using Diablo 3 as a part of his screening proccess for potential employees!


Yossi Lubaton, CEO of Israel Advertising Agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, will be playing Diablo 3 online to find a new programmer for their organization. As a level 60 Barbarian (Yossilubaton#2572), Lubaton will be asking players technical and personal questions as they play together in 30 minute sessions. Some lucky players can win a coveted Warmonger Sword but the real prize will be an actual interview for a programming position. What a hell of a way to market an open position.

Want to test your luck? Lubaton will be online every Wednesday in July at 8 PM GMT+2. You can also check out all the details at the Hell of a Job page.


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