Gamification Roundup – July 9, 2012

Gamification Roundup – July 9, 2012


This week in the gamification roundup: Check out how L’Oreal leverages a 2 decade old business game to determine leadership qualities in potential employees. TapJoy brings the first virtual rewards system to a mobile streaming app. Companies in India are using theatre workshops as a fun and innovative way to foster belonging among new employees. CRM also gets gamified with 7 practical tips on how anyone can do so. Check out the full roundup after the jump.

L’Oreal’s Successful 20 Year Old Hiring Games – FastCompany, July 5

How do you deal with hiring new employees when all their resumes are seemingly bloated with unbacked claims and keywords? L’Oreal’s solution comes in the form of business games and has actually already been in place for 20 years. Called Brandstorm, the game has potential employees act as brand managers to reimagine their various global brands and has attracted over 7000 applicants last year. In 2010, L’Oreal introduced another game called Reveal, which places potential employees in a three-phase product launch simulation to find demonstrative leadership qualities in applicants and has attracted over 100,000 students in over 165 countries. The success of these games are apparent as L’Oreal has said that the best players of these games often reach director positions in a “matter of six or seven years”. It is a wonder why this sort thing hasn’t caught on everywhere yet.


Tapjoy Brings Virtual Rewards to Mobile Movie App TechCrunch, July 5

Tapjoy, a monetization service typically for mobile games, has announced a partnership with movie-streaming app, Popcornflix. Instead of the standard pop-up and preroll ad models typically found in streaming media, Popcornflix will now be offering its movies for free if users can redeem Popcorn Points earned by interacting with advertisements. Tapjoy claims Popcornflix to be “the first movie-watching app to use virtual rewards” and will be available on Android in August.


Gamification through Theatre Hits India – TheEconomicTimes, July 6

A number of organizations in India have begun to use fun and experimental activities as a new method of orientation for their new employees. To “ease the jump” from the academic space to the workspace, companies like Yes Bank and NTPC have started using theatre workshops to promote team-building among new employees. For example, Yes Bank has conducts one exercise called Drum Cafe that has all the participants drum together with a percussion band on stage. NTPC also has all new employees join a two week theatre workshop in the National School of Drama to act as an alternative icebreaker. Yes Bank president, Deodutta Kurane, states that these experimental exercises “develop a sense of belonging among new joinees and towards the organization”.


7 CRM Strategies with Gamification – CustomerThink, July 5

Looking for tips on how to gamify CRM? Customer Think has provided 7 quick tips on how to achieve successfully integrate and keep gamification working for customer relationship management. The tips seem to maintain a common theme of quantifying the various aspects of CRM in order to measure success but these are definitely practical methods of application.


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