New Examples of Gamification Added to the GBase – July 20, 2012

New Examples of Gamification Added to the GBase – July 20, 2012


Hello GCo Readers! Today in our Gamification Company Database we have one up and coming company and two old but classic examples of great gamification.

  • SessionM is HTML5-based platform that adds a lightweight gamification layer to mobile applications that recently raised $20M in Series B funding.
  • The Fun Theory was a contest held by Volkswagen to discover innovative ideas to promote social good actions with fun. This was the contest responsible for one of Gabe Zichermann’s favorite uses of gamification: The Speed Camera Lottery
  • Dog Poop Lottery was an initiative by the New Taiwan municipality that exchanged lottery tickets for bags of dog excrement. The top prize was a gold ingot worth around $2200 and attracted 4,000 participants.

Think we’re missing something? Feel free to suggest more examples of gamification you would like to see in the future in the comments! Also feel free to submit any of your own favorite instances of gamification as well!


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