Verizon Wireless’ New Gamification Features Touts 30% More Log-ins

Verizon Wireless’ New Gamification Features Touts 30% More Log-ins


Verizon Wireless has joined the gamification ranks! Their new venture, Verizon Insider, enjoyed a 30% increase in login rates due to gamification efforts.Gamification strategy firm Gigya oversaw the design and implementation of the gamified elements for Verizon Insider. By adding leaderboards, badges, and social media integration among other features, Verizon has engaged its customers on a closer level.

The numbers confirm this success. More than 50% of the site’s users participated in the new gamified features. Users who took advantage of the social integration (logging into Verizon Insider using a preferred social network) spent 30% more time on the site and generated 15% more page views than users who used the traditional login method.

Verizon Wireless’ social media strategist Beth Tourek praised Gigya’s methods by saying, “Gigya’s social infrastructure was instrumental in helping us reach our social users. By allowing users to interact using their social identities, we’re not just engaging with them more effectively but also understanding them like never before.”

via VentureBeat


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