Social Shopping Startup sneakpeeq Increases Conversions 18% with Badgeville

Social Shopping Startup sneakpeeq Increases Conversions 18% with Badgeville


Innovative e-retail site experiences massive increases in number of registered, engaged shoppers with gamification with The Behavior Platform

San Francisco & Menlo Park, Calif. — (9/6/2012) Social shopping startup, sneakpeeq, announced today that in partnership with Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behavior management platform, the company has experienced an average 18 percent month-over-month growth in conversions with a 3000 percent lift in the number of “buy” clicks. Launched in May 2011, sneakpeeq added a gamification experience powered by Badgeville’s Behavior Platform in November 2011, and has experienced significant success in increasing conversions, lifetime value, and audience engagement.

Seeking to become the premiere social shopping discovery platform, sneakpeeq leverages Facebook to bring the benefits of the in-store shopping experience to the online world, focused on allowing shoppers to explore products before “peeqing” and virtually flipping over the price tag. Shoppers have a limited number of peeqs, which often reveal significant discounts off items both from mainstream and indie designers. Shoppers can unlock badges for peeqing, sharing, loving, and engaging across the sneakpeeq stores. By engaging across the stores, shoppers also occasionally unlock badges with additional value, such as further discounts for use within a limited time.

“Badgeville has enabled us to engage our customers more in ways beyond just looking at a product and buying it.  One of the main reasons we selected Badgeville to power our advanced gamification experience was that no other vendor had the same robust, granular capabilities to configure and reward user behaviors,” said Neil Gandhi, Senior Software Engineer, sneakpeeq. “After integrating Badgeville, we’ve gone from five user engagements per minute to 45 user engagements a minute. With that level of engagement, we’ve found that the shopper has a much higher likelihood not only to buy, but to frequently return and engage with other sneakpeeq stores.”

Since deploying Badgeville Sneakpeeq has also experienced a:

  • 70 percent month-over-month increase in “peeqs.”
  • 935 percent increase in product “loves”
  • 590 percent increase in product shares

The shopping startup has also integrated Badgeville with Facebook Open Graph, sending key behaviors such as “peeqs” and rewards into Facebook’s News Feed. There, a user’s friend can click on the product that the user peeqed at and begin engaging with relevant products, stores, and boutiques on sneakpeeq.

“This is an example of gamification done right, as clearly showcased by sneakpeeq’s results,” said Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. “By deploying a seamless social rewards experience powered by Badgeville, the company has been able to supercharge its growth and revenues, all while offering customers a truly unique social shopping experience in a crowded marketplace.”

The company has configured hundreds of rewards with Badgeville that shoppers can unlock. With Badgeville’s robust rules configuration inside the Behavior Engine, sneakpeeq can tie rewards to specific products, content, and stores. For example, instead of merely providing a 20 percent discount for all products across the entire site, sneakpeeq can reward a special discount for a specific pair of earrings from the nearest jeweler. Badgeville does this by pairing behaviors to unique metadata that retail sites like sneakpeeq already have in place to identify specific content and categories.

About sneakpeeq
sneakpeeq is a privately held social shopping company based in San Francisco, Calif. Its new Facebook app lets consumers discover hot new products through a more social shopping experience that brings together the online and in-store commerce worlds and actually lets consumers see what their friends are shopping for in real time. sneakpeeq also helps create meaningful sales on Facebook for premium brands in the apparel, beauty and hospitality industries. Members of the sneakpeeq executive team have built successful businesses in the high-end retail industry; played integral roles at some of today’s most well-known companies, including Amazon, Flixster, Ford Models, and Yahoo!; and have worked with leading fashion brands, such as, Kate Spade, Gap, Scoop NYC, Sean John, Tea Collection and Zac Posen.

About Badgeville
Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behavior management platform, enables companies in virtually every industry to influence and measure user behavior. World-class businesses in more than 20 countries use Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, an award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, to increase customer loyalty, user engagement, and employee performance across an organization’s websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications. With over 180 customers, Badgeville brings Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics, and Social Mechanics to industry leaders and innovators including Deloitte, EMC, Oracle, Autodesk, Bell Media, NBC, Universal Music, Recylebank, VMware, and more. Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Menlo Park, Calif. and has offices in New York and Europe. (To learn more follow @Badgeville or visit



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