Coursera Gamification Class Review: Week 1

Coursera Gamification Class Review: Week 1


Coursera Gamification Class – Week 1

Need a bit of reading material to supplement your weekly Coursera video lessons on gamification? We will be covering each week’s lecture with some note summaries to assist with studying for your gamification lectures. Embedded below are the notes summarizing each part of week 1 with some additional commentary in red to provide some more insight on the topics at hand:

Have any questions, commentary, or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below and we here at GCo would love to discuss it with you.


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  1. Thanks for the initial feedback guys!

    I completely agree with you Andrew. I’m currently in the process of settling down for the fall semester, so my notes were quite hectic. I don’t plan on creating a mind map like that, but I do intend to create notes and material that is easier to understand and read.

    I’d love to speak with you in further detail so that we could possibly collaborate on creating the extra course material. Gamification is a fairly new concept in the academic field, so any material would be considered great. Thanks!

  2. Hey. I need the videos of the course but seems like Coursera has blocked them for new users till another session starts. I need them for a project in a similar course that I am doing this semester in college. Do you have them?

    • Hi Apporv, I’m afraid we don’t have the videos themselves but all of our study guides are good summaries of the entire course.