Badgeville Launches Gamification App at Dreamforce 2012 on’s AppExchange, the World’s...

Badgeville Launches Gamification App at Dreamforce 2012 on’s AppExchange, the World’s Most Popular Cloud Marketplace for Social Apps for Business


New gamification app helps improve sales performance, productivity, and CRM utilization

Badgeville has finally announced their entry into the Salesforce platform via AppExchange. Offering features such as a native-wizard setup, refreshable rewards based on sales, and a direct configuration options via Sales Cloud. Read the full press release below:

Badgeville, the Behavior Platform, today announced that it has launched Badgeville for Salesforce on’s AppExchange, the world’s most popular cloud marketplace for social apps for business. Badgeville for Salesforce provides a seamless gamification layer on top of a company’s existing Salesforce Sales Cloud deployment. With Badgeville’s smart gamification elements, companies instantly increase sales productivity, accelerate lead conversions and sales cycles, and maximize the value of their Sales Cloud deployment.  The announcement was made today at’s Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco. Badgeville will be in booth 342 in the Dreamforce Expo.

Badgeville for is available from the AppExchange. To install it today, contact to receive your API key and for more information on how to get started.

“We are proud to deliver a native gamification layer for the world’s most widely-used sales application, enabling companies across the globe to drive the most valuable sales behavior” said Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. “Badgeville for Salesforce was designed to reinforce the right sales behaviors that lead to the right outcomes time and again and increase collaborative effort and success among sales teams.”

“Companies around the globe are transforming the way they connect with customers, partners and employees through social and mobile cloud solutions,” said Mike Rosenbaum, senior vice president AppExchange and Operations, “Partners such as Badgeville, are leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform to provide customers with the right tools to accelerate their success in the cloud.”

Badgeville for Salesforce’s unique features include a completely native and configurable gamification experience for both administrators and end-users directly within the Sales Cloud. Rather than using external consoles to develop gamification rules and rewards, Salesforce administrators can now enjoy a native, wizard-based approach to configure these mechanics directly in the Sales Cloud and deploy instantly without any administrative headaches.  The application also features refreshable rewards that can be reset according to a company’s sales cadence, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Customers who leverage the pre-release version of the Badgeville for Salesforce offering have accelerated and optimized their sales processes among their teams, including:

Improve User Adoption & Engagement: Create a more dynamic experience for users that rewards their participation and recognizes them for their sales contributions.

Better Data Quality: As users become more engaged, they update Salesforce records more diligently, giving managers a better gauge of their sales performance and pipeline.

More Collaborative Workforce: By surfacing and socializing key rewards in Salesforce Chatter, improve collaboration between sales teams and champion valuable user behavior.

Grow Revenue and Reduce Sales Cycles: As users create more leads and convert them into opportunities, watch your revenue grow.



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