Salesforce Reinvents Rypple into with Some Help from Facebook

Salesforce Reinvents Rypple into with Some Help from Facebook


Salesforce Unveils at Dreamforce 2012

After acquiring it a year ago and just recently rebranding it, Salesforce takes Rypple and reinvents it once more into during their Dreamforce conference yesterday. Rypple on its own was initially just a social management performance platform – one that emphasizes a social collaborative approach over that of traditional reporting. Meant for manager assistance and improving employee performance, Rypple creates a corporate intranet that allows employees or administrators to set goals, provide feedback, recognize work, and track projects. Employees can even earn user-created badges too. Now in its current iteration as, the platform combines forces with three existing Salesforce services to become a recognition powerhouse. users are now fully immersed within the capabilities of Rypple, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter, making it a collaborative ecosystem for Salesforce users. In other word’s, the social management performance platform now contains functions for CRM, customer support, and a social network for enterprise. It is also reported that some of these features came directly from Facebook through a new partnership between the two and that many of the features are directly inspired by Facebook’s own workplace views.’s reinvention has produced some other notable partnerships as well, notably with that of Amazon to provide giftcard rewards to act as workplace incentives. is already being used by companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Virgin America and is expected to generally available in Q4 later this year.


via TechCrunch


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