GSummit 2013 – The Insiders View

GSummit 2013 – The Insiders View


I love working to plan the speaker roster for GSummit every year. It’s tough, but incredibly rewarding. With the support of our amazing in-house team, the board and our community, we’ve been able to pull together a list of experts that continues to amaze and delight me each year since that first, sold-out talk by Jane McGonigal in 2010.

Now three years on, GSummit is more than twice the size it was then, with over 800 attendees, 50+ speakers, half a dozen sponsors and 3 jam-packed days of inspiring and informative workshops, talks and networking. It truly is the place that our burgeoning gamification community comes together to learn and connect, and I’m more proud of it than ever before.

When we choose the speakers (results of which run on a rolling basis), we try to optimize for quality, content and timeliness. We need folks that have something important to say, who can share real data (and a vision), and who can keep your attention for 20 minutes. While not every speech can rival that of Chamillionaire, Andrea Kuszewski or Nicole Lazzaro (three of your favorites from 2012), we strive to make them as relevant and awesome as possible. This year, we’ve been inundated with amazing proposals from a wide range of thought leaders, and we’ve selected the first group to help us dive into 2013’s themes of: Gamification as Strategy, The Reinvention of Loyalty, and Enterprise & Human Resource Engagement.  You can view the current list of speakers here, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorites from the first group:

  1. Will Wright – legendary designer and inventor of SimCity, The Sims and Spore will be speaking about how to make everything more fun through a prism of playfulness and gamification. His ability to take the complex models of the real world and make them fun and approachable is unparalleled, making him a must-watch for anyone that wants to increase engagement.
  2. Tim Kring – creator of NBC’s Heroes and FOX’s Touch is one of the world’s most gifted transmedia storytellers. Tim has been gamifying for years, helping to extend his enormous fan base’s interactions from TV to games, charity, mobile devices and beyond. He’ll be helping us understand how to weave narrative to gamification, and how to rethink entertainment with this powerful new medium.
  3. Robert Torres from the Gates Foundation and Kevin Werbach of UPenn (and the Coursera Gamification 12 Course) will be sharing their respective views on how to transform education and learning with the power of gamification. As education goes through a massive transformation, visionaries like Robert and Kevin are literally changing the paradigm for how billions will eventually learn — and what they can teach us about engagement should be very fun to watch.
  4. Although loyalty programs seem like they’re everywhere. many leading brands still don’t have a program, and many existing systems are slowly going bankrupt. Can gamification help reboot loyalty and give it an edge with a new generation of shoppers? We’ve brought together some of the best minds in loyalty, including pioneers like Mark Goldstein (LoyaltyLab), Dario Ambrosini (Switchfly) and Mike Martoccia (Dopamine) to share the vision and tactics of how loyalty will reinvent itself.
  5. As the Enterprise and Human Resources functions radically change with gamification, a veritable who’s who of experts will be joining us at GSummit in 2013. Executives from Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Cisco and dozens more will share the first-hand do’s and don’ts of gamification for large and small organizations.
  6. If you’re considering gamification, GSummit is the only place you can meet with all the top vendors in one place, see their vision of the future, and talk to them 1:1. Engage with our Platinum sponsors Badgeville and Bunchball and our Gold Sponsors BigDoor, Dopamine and Red Critter in new and more meaningful ways than ever before.
  7. Certification Workshops: As demand for gamification experts has increased nearly 300%, and the industry works to create up to 5,000 jobs, earning your gamification certification is more important than ever before. Only at GSummit can you get certified by some of the industry’s top experts in a hands-on, one day format that takes you through the whole process of creating a gamification architecture.
And this is just the beginning. Over the next few months leading up to the conference, we’ll be announcing more and more inspiring speakers, and filling in some of the other awesome details that we have in store. All told, GSummit 2013 is shaping up to be our best event ever – but just like previous GSummits, this one will sell out. So be sure to reserve your space early, and join us April 16-18 in San Francisco. If you’ve never been before, rest assured that the event will positively transform the future of your organization in just 3 short days. If you’ve been in the past, we look forward to seeing you again, reconnecting and furthering the bonds that make this industry so awesome.
Your optimism and support drives everything we do, and we look forward to seeing you this April in San Francisco.


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