The Power of Engaging Game Design with Jesse Schell

The Power of Engaging Game Design with Jesse Schell


Legendary Designer Jesse Schell!

Starting next week, the Gamification Revolution, the only live gamification webcast featuring Gabe Zichermann and fellow gamification experts will be at a new time every Thursday instead of the previous Monday.

You can now catch the Gamification Revolution every Thursday at 1PM EST/10 AM PST/1800 GMT.

If you missed this week’s episode, we had the venerable designer and GSummit SF 2013 speaker, Jesse Schell of Schell Games. Watch Gabe’s discussion with Jesse to learn about how making engaging game experiences is the same process for designing any product:

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Be sure to catch our next episode of the Gamification Revolution, airing live on Februrary 7, 1 PM EST. You can also catch Jesse express his expertise in person by catching his session at GSummit SF 2013


  1. If Jesse Schell isn’t a first round, unanimous selection for the Game HOF, I don’t know who is. The comment about the daily vitamin experience was worth the time it took to watch and listen…carefully…twice.