Epic Win: gsummitX NYC for Social Media Week 2013

Epic Win: gsummitX NYC for Social Media Week 2013


gsummitX NYC for SMW13 was a big hit!

Last night marked GamificationCo’s most recent gsummitX event as a part of Social Media Week 2013. After a full night of craft beer, free pizza, gamification demos, learning, ideation, and 80 engaged people, our latest gsummitX event was our best yet.

In the asupices of the gracious NextJump, we were able to host our event at their headquarters and kicked off the event with a very interesting demo from Viggle, a gamified loyalty app that rewards you for checking into live TV!

Kyle Brink, VP of Product at Viggle, demoed the media loyalty app and showed some incredible retention stats — something Gabe Zichermann could only describe as straight “porn”.

Not actually porn

Gabe proceeded to give one of his gamification lectures about the engagement crisis and blew the minds of all the attendees, especially in revealing he’s Canadian, his dislike for Domino’s pizza, and the existence of dual-n-back games that literally make you smarter.



As Gabe’s talk ended, the meetup switched gears into our famous Play for a Cause, in which the whole group would play a game to solve some problems for microlending company, Accion. CEO Paul Quintero took the stage and asked a question to the all the attendees:

“How can we raise awareness for Accion in the entrepreneur community?”

And thus, a challenge was proposed — one that could only be solved with the power of gamified ideation!

Each attendee formed their own ideas on how to solve that problem and then came together into groups to find the best ideas of each group

The teams all decided their best ideas and it was down to each team’s pitches to Gabe to find out what the very best ideas of the night were and collect them all into one location.

We were left with x solutions but it was revealed that the entire room would have to vote for their favorite solution and that there would be three winners and some prizes.

At last, the voting finally finishes and the top 3 solutions for Accion were:

  1. Credit Union Referral Program
  2. Free Lunch Bootcamp
  3. Crowdsourced voting and funding platform 

Which left us with a very happy and satisfied CEO:




Look at all these great ideas!

Sorry, Alcoholics Anonymous for Entrepreneurs

We collected everyone work and handed it over to Paul and the goodwill of Accion and concluded yet another great gsummitX NYC meetup.

A very, very big thank you for all those who decided to come and participate in last night’s event. Keep up with GamificationCo for more events and be sure to join us at GSummit in San Francisco this April 16 – 18.


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