GCo’s Picks: Why Invest in Gamification?

GCo’s Picks: Why Invest in Gamification?


Should you invest in gamification?

It is estimated that by 2016, there will be $2.5Bn directly spent on gamification alone. It is no secret that gamification has attracted the interests of many venture capital firms and various investors. For the “g” word that became hot in 2010, becoming a billion dollar industry may not have been the initial expectations.

Whatever the initial expectations were, today’s discussions focus on how to integrate gamification in practically every sphere from education, healthcare, retail, and social good. What really is the future of gamification? Will it be replaced by some other hot trend or will it continue on its path to be one of the most influential design frameworks of the 21st century? Although we can’t predict the future, we recognize that gamification’s appeal is alluring enough to stimulate the appetite of any and all investors.

Join some of the Valley’s top VCs at GSummit’s investment panel discussion as we discuss who may want a piece of the gamification pie. If there is something to be gained from attending this debate, it is a general overview of how current leaders in gamification view its current and future status. Expect to hear insights from expert venture capitalists like GSummit veteran and the managing director of the Mayfield Fund: Tim Chang, General Partner at Charles River Ventures: Saar Gur, and Principal of the Founders Fund, Geoff Lewis all engage in a (mostly) friendly debate about the investment case for gamification at GSummit SF 2013.

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