How Can You Gamify The Job Search?

How Can You Gamify The Job Search?

gamify the job search

Jon Guerrara shares how he gamified his journey into Google

Jon Guerrra first showed up at GSummit in 2012 when he spoke about a low-tech personal gamification system he created to achieve his goals. One year later, Jon has taken this system and used it to get a job at Google.

Watch his talk from GSummit SF 2013 to learn about his journey into Google’s Mountain View campus and the ultimate power of post-its.

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Flickr CC Image by Brendan Dean


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  1. interesting low-tech methodical way to be productive in short term project.
    The best part is that he uses plugins (I can’t stop thinking jQuery plugins), but essentially this is more like a game, versus the traditional todo list is monotone, and vertical downward (meaning there’s only one way to succeed and move to the next level), his system branches out, worst scenario, if the entire list is not completed, the player hits milestones, gets to branch out, has more accomplishment rewards and dopamine than before.