How to Incentivize Users with Non-Physical Rewards

How to Incentivize Users with Non-Physical Rewards

intangible rewards

Suchit Dash Tells the Real Story on Intangible Rewards at GSummit SF 2013

A common feature of nearly all gamification implementations is the presence of a reward system. People are motivated by rewards but do they always have to come in the form of a cash prize or fancy gadget? Suchit Dash of ifeelgoods believes it doesn’t have to be.

Tangible Rewards come in many shapes and sizes, and though they may not scale super well, they can be transformative. See how you can use non-discount, tangible rewards to drive user loyalty and engagement in this fast-paced talk from rewards expert Suchit’s session at GSummit SF 2013.

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CC Image by Bill Selak


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