The Future of Loyalty is in Big Data and Gamification

The Future of Loyalty is in Big Data and Gamification

rajat paharia on big data, loyalty, and gamification

Rajat Paharia Explains Loyalty 3.0 at GSummit SF 2013

Today’s loyalty programs are like the Bruce Willis character in the movie The Sixth Sense. They’re dead, they just don’t know it yet. They have failed at creating actual loyalty, at keeping up with a rapidly changing world, and at engaging all the constituents that matter, a company’s customers, partners and employees. It’s time to take back the word “loyalty” and make it actually mean something. By utilizing the Big Data generated by our constituents as they interact with us, combining it with an understanding of human motivation, and using the data-driven motivational techniques of gamification, we now have the power to motivate, to engage, and to create true loyalty – Loyalty 3.0.

Check out Bunchball’s Chief Product Officer Rajat Paharia as he explains the the next evolution of loyalty from GSummit SF 2013 .Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos from GSummit SF 2013 as they’re released. You can also download a copy of this presentation by downloading it here.


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