Case Study: Jive Gamification Module Boosts T-Mobile Community Engagement by 1000%

Case Study: Jive Gamification Module Boosts T-Mobile Community Engagement by 1000%

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T-Mobile Sees Great Results from Jive’s Bunchball-Powered Gamification Platform

It’s a matter of time before more and more companies from all other industries look at, consider, and eventually embrace such an innovative concept likegamification into their business. This is the story of mobile service carrier T-Mobile and their next generation customer experience.

In order to keep up with the renewing advances in mobile technology, companies within the industry must be a step ahead of their competition when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Its ever-challenging environment is dictated by the constant evolution of mobile devices and represents an ongoing source of issues, ignited by customer queries on functions and capabilities of a mobile device. With this in mind and upon J.D. Power’s advice, T-Mobile created T-Community, a social business Jive platform built with the purpose of logging all known technical and general customer issues and sharing them across the company. T-Community was created in response to a significant communication gap between customer representatives at a retail store, and technical support personnel miles away. One of T-Community’s main objectives is to connect the parties involved in the success of the business, translating into helping T-Mobile’s customers with their problems on the spot. However, the mechanics behind this project is collaboration and it requires the collective participation of all community members in customer service and technical support in order to work.

This is when T-Mobile decided to upgrade T-Community with Jive Advanced Gamification Module, which is powered by Bunchball. As a result, employees at T-Mobile experienced first-hand the potential of a well-designed gamified system. The implementation of this gamified platform into T-community went smoothly, with no records of negative impact on customer handling during transition. After the first six weeks of implementing the gamification module:

  • Employee participation in T-Community has increased 1,000%

  • Self-learning achievements and feedback between members increased significantly

  • Customer satisfaction and issue resolution rates are in constant improvement

  • Hundreds of thousands of badges have been awarded

  • Leaderboards have allowed for committed employees to benefit from their hard work

  • Members are sharing and providing feedback to each other

  • Customers are getting their problems resolved on the spot and on their first call


This gamified solution enables T-Mobile employees to handle the demand of a 45-million customer base, as well as address the need of their peers in other departments for technical knowledge, now sharing access to it across a community of over 30,000 members. This peer-to-peer collaborative environment creates a sense of belonging within each member, value and loyalty start growing stronger, and it all becomes a source of intrinsic motivation to get further involved within the community. Furthermore, both employees and customers are encouraged to contribute to T-Community through Bunchball’s Jive Advanced Gamification Module. Its structure even allows for the study of most common issues associated to the services and products, a strategic source of feedback for future marketing campaigns as well as specific and anticipated technical training within the company.

This story adds another victory badge to gamification’s reputation in the eyes of other industries. Just as T-Mobile will soon be doing, other companies too will start gamifying their customer experience directly and not only for their employees. As this continues to happen, more businesses will begin to associate the industry of gamification to a science of human motivation, applicable to virtually all contexts.


Do you know of other examples or have you seen other companies embracing Gamification to enhance their user engagement? Perhaps you have been considering doing this precisely with your own product or service? Please share your views in the comments below.


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  1. A gamificação tem essa essência de criar uma envolvimento nas pessoas para uma determinada ação. It is very interesting!

    • Hi Claire,

      From what I understand of the Jive platform — that is only an enterprise-wide network that someone at T-Mobile can access. I do not believe someone outside of the organization can just access it by a link.

    • Hi Claire,

      Ivan is spot on, there doesn’t seem to be access to T-Community unless you are on T-Mobile’s network. At the following URL you will find a case study on T-Community written by Jive, the software house that developed this social platform for T-Mobile. Although it won’t include the “jazz” by Bunchball’s Advanced Gamification Module, you might be able to try out Jive’s base software through a link at the bottom of the page: