Top Gamification Op-Eds for 2013

Top Gamification Op-Eds for 2013

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Top Gamification Opinion Editorials for 2013

Some of our best content has come from guest writers within the gamification community. When it comes to great content, nothing beats real field experience and industry passion to really start and fuel the conversation at large. Read on through to read expert pieces on design and deep industry analysis from experts around the world, including pieces on gamification’s future, a guide for gamifying goals, and the real effect of making badly design gamification systems.

gamification 2.0

Moving Beyond Points and Badges: Gamification 2.0

Siddesh Bhobe, CEO of eMee – a social gamification platform based in India, shares his opinion on what will allow the gamification industry to move past simple points and badges and evolve into gamification 2.0


How to Gamify Your Goals: A Step By Step Guide

Jon Guerrera, a GSummit alumnus and current Googler, wrote a very popular post early last year on how anybody can gamify their goals with a few simple organizational rules and sticky notes. One year later, it’s just as good and relevant.

understanding intrinsic motivation

Understanding Intrinsic Motivation with RAMP

Andrzej Marczewski is as UK-based gamification evangelist who’s written numerous articles on gamification on his personal blog and Gamasutra. He did a special post for us to help us understand the fabled mystery of intrinsic motivation and provided a means of understanding it with RAMP – Relatedness, Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

A New Perspective on the Bartle Player Types for Gamification

Following his post on RAMP, Andrezej Marczweski also wrote a great piece on reinterpreting the Bartle Player Types. Commonly known as the Killer, Achiever, Socializer, and Explorer, these player types have been expanded to include intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as another layer of categorization, nicely complimenting the aforementioned RAMP article.


Pointless (and Badgeless) Gamification

Steve Boscka is the President and CEO of Pug Pharm Productions and he takes great issue with shallow and “pointless” gamification initiatives. In this op-ed he breaks down how bad these easy systems are and encourages people to put forth real design into their ideas.

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