Top Gamification Co Staff Articles in 2013

Top Gamification Co Staff Articles in 2013


Gamification Co’s Top Staff Stories of 2013

As one of the main writers for Gamification Co, I speak for all of us when I say it is paramount for us to provide the most unique and interesting content as it pertains to the world of gamification. We want to find the most unique, entertaining, and educational content out there and these five stories were your top favorites. Read on for stories about gamified masturbation, Foursquare’s removal of gamification, fashionable raptors, Tel-Aviv’s #1 taxi drivers, and job opportunities in gamification.

Can the Gamification of Female Masturbation Remove Its Social Stigma?

Designer Tina Gong thinks it’s important for women to be able to talk freely about masturbation without being shamed for doing so. She’s created HappyPlayTime as a game to teach girls to masturbate and be at one with their body. There’s also a crowdfunding campaign for the project too!


Foursquare’s Removal of Gamification: Not a Mistake but a Mature Design Decision

I argue that Foursquare’s choice to move away from gamification is another step in their evolution as a product. And losing gamification…well can be OK. Post also includes great comment input from other prominent industry members,



How GetTaxi Is Empowering Drivers with Gamification

Gabe Zichermann recounts a small story in which a Taxi driver tells him he’s the best Taxi driver in Tel-Aviv and actually has the leaderboard positioning to back it up.


Top Career Opportunities and Jobs in Gamification

Anyone interested in working with gamification should read this piece to get direction on the types of positions and industries best suited for gamification practitioners.


Why You Should Have Easter Eggs like Vogue’s Hat-Touting Raptor

Who would ever think Vogue would include raptors with fancy hats on their website? Turns out doing the Konami code does just that and makes them that much more awesome for having done it.


And that about wraps up our Best of 2013 series of posts! 2013 was great and we look forward to another great year of fun and engagement, especially at GSummit 2014.


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