Top 10 Gamified Experiences of Super Bowl 48

Top 10 Gamified Experiences of Super Bowl 48


Gamification is nothing new to football. The NFL gamified their website back in 2012 as a way to engage more fans, and we’ve all seen Super Bowl ads that have games & contests embedded into them. At Super Bowl 48, gamification, once again, was all around us. Below are our Top 10 favorite examples (in no particular order) that we came across during this year’s big game:

1) Verizon's #WhosGonnaWin Campaign with the Empire State Building

Verizon teamed up with the Empire State Building in NYC to get fans to vote for who they thought was going to win Super Bowl 48. Each evening leading up to #SB48, a winner would be voted for and then the Empire State Building would glow in that team's colors for the rest of the night. Read more about this story here
2) Castrol's #JoinTheHunt

Castrol created a scavenger hunt for fans during Super Bowl 48 to take a selfie in front of specific places--places that were tweeted out. Top prize was 2 tickets to Super Bowl 48. Read the official rules here
3) @TwitterSports - Which team is winning on Twitter?

Twitter covered which team and which players were winning on Twitter (most mentions) during the lead to SB48 and during the big game as well. They made Twitter even more of a game with these social media competitions.
4)'s QB Leaderboard

Eric Dickerson and Dave Dameshek created a Quarterback Leaderboard on which Joe Montana took the #1 spot in.
5) Where's Waldo?

This guy dressed up like Waldo from Where's Waldo to add some #FunTheory to Media Day. Where's Waldo is a great example of how to gamify a book!
6) Omaha! Omaha!

Every football fan knows that Peyton Manning single-handedly added "Omaha" to football vocabularly--which Warren Buffet must be proud of. Denver Airport added a sense of play to a standard flight screen by changing "Omaha" to "Omaha!" Classic, simple and brilliant. In addition, some companies were offering donations for every "Omaha" that Manning said during the Super Bowl and some playoff games.
7) Coca-Cola "Going All The Way"

Once Coca-Cola's Big Game ad reached 10k shares, they donated $50k to the Boys & Girls Club Triple Play Program. Not sure how many shares there were, but the goal was reached. Plus, every time the ad was shared with hashtag #AmericaIsBeautiful, users earned 10 points in their My Coke Rewards Program.
8) Best Super Bowl Commercials Leaderboard

Each year, there's always a leaderboard of the top Super Bowl commercials. This year, we decided to give props to E!'s Super Bowl top 50 list, which you can check out here.
9) Doritos Crash the Super Bowl

For a few years now, Doritos has crowdsourced commercials from their fans. People vote and decide on which tv ad(s) will be run during the Super Bowl. Genius idea!
10) Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest

Intuit ran a small business contest and the winner received a Super Bowl commercial spot (valued at $4mm). GoldieBlox, a toy company, was the big winner! See more about the competition here


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