Low to No Tech Gamified Training with Monica Cornetti

Low to No Tech Gamified Training with Monica Cornetti

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Monica Cornetti on The Gamification Revolution

We often like to say that sometimes good design and creativity can trump technology, like in the case of Amy Baskin’s grammar olympics or David Hunter’s zombified geography curriculum. Most people want to use gamification solutions with fancy apps and SaaS solutions but what if you simply don’t have the resources? Monica Cornetti is a gamification expert specializing in using some creative designs for training purposes and we invited her to speak on our weekly Gamification Revolution webshow.

She walks us through her methods for low to no tech gamified training and shares her knowledge on:

  • Using story narratives for engagement
  • Using avatars without technology
  • Getting people excited to use no-tech solutions
  • 5 Step Solution to low-tech training
  • Measuring progress without tech

And much more! Watch her full interview with Gabe Zichermann below and be sure to watch Victor Manrique join on our gamification show this Thursday at 1PM ET:

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