Flirt Planet: If Second Life Went Mobile and Got (Even) Sexier

Flirt Planet: If Second Life Went Mobile and Got (Even) Sexier


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Online dating sites may be on the way to becoming old news. Gamification mobile apps have moved into the dating field with the introduction of twin applications, Flirt Planet Meet and Flirt Planet Play. These two new applications work together to offer the first mobile game and dating application for mobile. Flirt Planet Play is an interface where users can practice their dating skills and Flirt Planet Meet is an interface where users can try their new moves on potential dates.

Imagine if Second Life got supercharged with gamification and focused on mobile…you’d get this. recently had an exclusive interview with  Sebastain Coman, TrulySocial’s founder and creative director. He helped provide the inside scoop on how Flirt Planet Meet and Flirt Planet Play work and help users.

flirt planet 2

Flirt Planet Play is a mobile application that allows users to practice their dating skills. It offers a 3D application where users can build their own avatars and use them to interact with fictional charters within the interface. The premise is that your avatar is an alien on Earth who is trying to blend in with the human population. The application uses your dialogue, facial expressions and body language to respond to the user. The idea behind the gameplay is to give users a place to practice their dating skills before employing them in the real world.

Flirt Planet Meet is the twin application to Flirt Planet Play. This is where users can practice their dating skills in real life. Users gain Flirt Juice every day that they can use to interact with other users. The amount of connections users make per day is limited to ensure quality interactions among users.

They ensure quality by charging more ‘Flirt Juice’ for high quality users. A high quality user is someone who interacts with Flirt Planet Meet on a regular basis, has uploaded a headshot and has a quality profile.

In addition, Flirt Planet Meet has tried to distinguish themselves from traditional dating sites through their ‘Matching Sauce.’ ‘Matching Sauce’ is Flirt Planet Meet’s version of personality quizzes. The site allows users to determine how to weight the importance of different aspects of the personality quizzes that they administer. It puts the science of personality quizzes importance into the user’s hands.

Flirt Planet Play and Flirt Planet Meet are trying to change both the online dating world and the rules of gamification. First Planet Play works to build users social skills in a game application, which is something that has not been tried in the mobile dating game. Flirt Planet Meet builds on those new skills. Users are given Flirt Juice every day and can purchase more Flirt Juice to access high profile users and hopefully find dates. These new applications combine game play, gamification and dating in two simple applications. The big question is, will it work? Check out the gameplay trailer below:


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