Groundbreaker App: Innovation That Fits in Your Pocket

Groundbreaker App: Innovation That Fits in Your Pocket


Groundbreaker is a gamified stockmarket of potential startups. It’s the bridge between good ideas and real profitable businesses. A simple and effective tool to quickly develop your ideas and have fun! It’s innovation for all.

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By definition, the word “groundbreaker” means “a person who is an originator, innovator, or pioneer in a particular activity”. But, from an idea to a startup, there’s a long and tricky road that can be a frustrating one if you don’t have the right tools to use along the way. Inspired by this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, MJV Technology & Innovation has created a mobile application that will help you turn smart concepts into real-life projects. ‘Does my idea really work?’, ‘ Who are the right people to market it to?’, ‘What should my team look like?’ are some of the questions that the Groundbreaker app can help answering.

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How does it work?
Groundbreaker is somewhat of a stock market of potential startups. The difference is that, instead of betting real money, you’ll be giving virtual coins to support great ideas. Popular ideas will be ranked at the top and their shares will be worth more than others. When joining the Groundbreaker community, each user receives a certain amount of coins as credit, which can be multiplied or reduced, depending on the bets placed. You can create a new project or work as an expectator, buying and selling shares of other people’s projects.

Once an idea has risen to the top of the list, it will then be given the ‘Groundbreaker’ status and the creator will be prompted to find the most suitable profiles and invite them to join their team. When the team is complete, you’re ready to get your hands dirty and get your idea off the ground. During the different stages of each project, investors can collaborate with the team by sending links, research material and other relevant information. They can also give feedback on specific points of the project.

When the final stage of the project is reached, all the people involved get bonus coins and the world gets a brand new startup. The bonus coins can now be used to invest in new ideas!


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