IBM Educates Employees With Alternate Reality Experiential Game

IBM Educates Employees With Alternate Reality Experiential Game


Educate With A Story

In this episode of Gamification Revolution weekly webinars, Gabe talks to Phaedra Boinodiris (@INNOV8game) of IBM (@IBM) about IBM’s initiatives to support regular employee education for the company’s 500’000 global employees. To teach employees the modern social business tools, Phaedra and her colleagues designed an alternate reality game with a story that engaged people both online and in real life. The main aim of the game was to show how these tools can help solve complex problems in a collaborative way and draw people together towards a common goal.

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Phaedra will also be speaking at GSummit 2014 this year June 10-13 in San Francisco along with 55+ other amazing speakers!


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