Brazilian Taxi Drivers Learn English Before World Cup With Voxy

Brazilian Taxi Drivers Learn English Before World Cup With Voxy


Learn English By Reading Your Tweets And The News

While children start learning their first language with basic words, more research is showing that adults learn a new language faster when they start with relevant words and phases used in their everyday conversations.  Game-based learning can help stimulate the mind to recall these new words and apply them to these everyday situations.

As the World Cup was approaching this summer, 2,000 Brazilian taxi drivers were preparing by learning English using Voxy (@Voxy), a mobile app focusing on the needs of its audience. For instance, the words and phrases being learned by taxi drivers focused on directions, money and seating.  According to an article, “Voxy uses news stories, audio, and video content to teach its users based on their interests and needs. Even tweets are fair game.”

But how does Voxy know what exactly taxi drivers need to communicate?  Well, the company did their homework by recording English-speaking taxi drivers conversing with tourists.  This served as the basis for finding the most relevant and useful real life phases that Brazilian taxi drivers needed.

For the taxi drivers, this mobile app was free thanks to a partnership between the taxi company, 99Taxis, and Voxy.  For the rest of us, Voxy’s mobile app is available for a fee. What’s next for Voxy?  The plan is to find the common phases used by software developers who need to interact with their English-speaking colleagues.

Voxy encourages customers to customize their English learning course to their specific needs and interests.  If you’ve been looking for an effective way to learn English that tests your skills, tracks your performance, and gives you awards, give Voxy a try.


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