The Mobile App That Rewards You For Taking Your Medication

The Mobile App That Rewards You For Taking Your Medication


Mango Health Improves Adherence to Medication with Gamification

Mango Health (@MangoHealth) offers a new type of game in the health field – one that aims to help users remember to take their medication.

Former executives from the ngmoco, a mobile gaming company, wanted to create an application that would help people remember to take their medication. The creators of Mango Health believed that, with over 75% of health care spending going towards dealing with chronic conditions, consumers needed an application to help manage their chronic ilnesses.

Mango Health has an easy to navigate and colorful interface. The home screen allows users to see their medication, inbox, schedule and points. Users can access their home, history and medications.

mango_health_screen mango_health_community mango_health_alerts
It is easy and simple to add different medications. The application allows you to set reminders for when you need to take your medicine. The application will send you reminders to take your medication through your phone. Much like your alarm, you can snooze the reminder for 15 minutes or you can confirm you have taken your medicine.

Mango Health uses two different methods to motivate people take their medications. Users can compare how many doses of their medication they have taken and how many they have missed compared to the general community. Users can also earn up to 10 points per day for taking their medication on time. These points can be redeemed for coupons, donations to charities and gift cards. All the rewards are forms of paid advertising.

One feature that makes Mango Health stand out from other applications that track users’ use of medication is the Details section. Mango Health works to provide users with information about the medicine they are taking, like known interactions with certain drugs and other known issues.

One drawback to Mango Health does not currently allow to share this information with users’ doctors. Such integration would help bring Mango Health to the top of the medication-tracking mobile applications.

Mango Health is available as a free iPhone application at the moment.


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