The Relationship Between Customer Loyalty and Data-Driven Decisions: Lessons from Punchtab

The Relationship Between Customer Loyalty and Data-Driven Decisions: Lessons from Punchtab


During our coverage of GSummit 2014, we sat down with Robyn Hannah (@robynhannah) from Punchtab to discuss the relationship between their company’s approach to customer loyalty implementations and how data driven decisions are baked into their formula.

Robyn Hannah, Vice President for PR and Communications at PunchTab, a technology platform enabling brands to engage their customers and gain actionable insights, shared how the company was formed, the market they serve, the challenges they’re facing, and the value they offer their customers. The history of their company provided context around where they are today and the key role business intelligence and data driven decisions play a crucial role in their services.

PunchTab began when YouSendIt co-founder Ranjith Kumaran saw a considerable gap between mediocre and highly effective loyalty programs. As one who recognizes opportunities for improvement, Kumaran launched PunchTab to incentivize free users to take actions that would convert them to paid accounts.

In studying the market for the last three years, PunchTab has faced considerable challenges:

  • Marketers want to know more about their customers backed by real-time data. They desire a data-driven, 360-degree view of their users.

  • Marketers want actionable insights in order to know which marketing levers to pull to drive purchases or engagement.

  • Marketers want to reach consumers through more authentic and relevant messaging. Consequently, they need help selecting the right platform to communicate with consumers amidst a multitude of available platforms.

So how does PunchTab solve the problems these brands and marketers are facing?

Punchtab directs its focus on brands that are marketing to consumers who also serve three vertical markets: retail, consumer package goods (CPG), and entertainment.

By leveraging the PunchTab platform, CPG brands may now utilize the data generated to do the following:

  • Create dynamic consumer experiences

  • Help them engage with brands and a portfolio of brands

  • Learn more about who their users are, i.e. what they like or share on social media, what content they engage with, their felt needs, and where and when they’re shopping.

  • Work around POS integration to monitor both online and offline consumer behavior

PunchTab cites Arby’s as a pertinent case study.

Robyn Hannah | PunchtabThey were asked to help Arby’s track customer engagement both online and offline, as well as to track the engagement path between online and the real world. With PunchTab’s help, Arby’s created the “League of Brisket,” where customers could earn points for social media updates or photos and were provided with in-store incentives to check-in via Facebook or Foursquare.

Furthermore, the PunchTab solution worked around daunting POS integration by allowing Arby’s customers to scan and upload their receipts in-store in exchange for League of Brisket points.

Through such data-driven, technologically sophisticated solutions, PunchTab is boosting efforts to help brands pull the right levers in order to better engage their customers.

Because brands are now able to engage with consumers in a more authentic and relevant way,  brands can now better listen to what their consumers really want. PunchTab helps brands discover and hear those voices.

For more information on Punchtab’s omni-channel and engagement platform, plus interesting research and free resources, visit or connect with them on Twitter @punchtab.

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This interview was provided by Gsummit media partner TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that is dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting the buyers and sellers of business technology. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.


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